Player Piano Systems

“Entertain in style and enjoy live piano performances in your living room. Although player pianos have been around for over a century, today’s tech makes them truly magical."

Player Pianos

PianoDisc is the world’s most advanced high-resolution computerized piano player system that can be fitted to almost any acoustic piano that plays live piano music at the touch of a button.

PianoDisc The Intelligent Player System: Give Your Piano an iQ. The iQ Intelligent Player System can be operated with your choice of any external music player including popular music delivery devices such as MP3, iPod, iPad or Android.

Enjoy piano performances created by the world’s finest pianists with one of the largest music libraries in the world, including thousands of titles in every category from classical to Broadway to rock.

Enjoy the beauty of a piano and the richness of live piano music in your home, all without having to play.

At the press of a button, watch the keys and pedals magically move before your eyes as you enjoy each piano performance live as if the artist was in your living room performing just for you, your family, and your friends.

*Some player piano models offer the sounds of an entire symphony, allowing you to hear playback of not only the acoustic piano, but an orchestra as well.


The latest tech allows you to control your player piano performances with your iPhone or Android smartphone. Use the app to play, pause, stop or even adjust the volume and watch your piano respond.

To learn more about the amazing PianoDisc IQ player piano systems and options available, call Avery Piano today and ask for a demonstration,



The Next Generation
Of Player Piano Technology.
The most advanced player technology.
The most advanced optical record technology.
The best and most comprehensive music content.
Industries best roster of artists.
= Great performances.

Hey Alexa, Ask PNO to Play.
Control your PNOmation3
system with just your voice.

The PNOmation Playback Bundle
a. Includes all you need to have your piano play itself.
b. PNOmation Playback Engine, Controller, and Processor.
c.. Speaker for background music.
d. WiFi interface for network integration or stand-alone mode.
e. Pin Light Port Extension (PLx) – Status, I/O Ports, USB, Headphones, Mic or Laptop.
f. Voice Prompt feedback.
g. IR Remote.
h. SingAlong.

Stop in and see this system perform before your eyes.

The PNOmation Playback and Record Bundle
a. Includes the Playback Bundle.
b. PNOscan sensors and integrations.
c. Record, Playback, Perform, Save and Practice.
d. PNOcloud auto record, auto save and auto upload feature set.*
e.Practice and Perform.

The PNOmation Playback, Record, and Practice Bundle
a. Includes the Playback & Record Bundle.
b. Key Stop Rail for practicing in silence.
d.Practice in Silence Capabilities.

Some Facts

100 Years

Since 1924, Avery Piano Company has been selling and servicing pianos in the Southern New England area. With an unmatched commitment to quality and customer service, Avery Piano Company has been an integral part of the musical community, from the professional concert pianist to the novice. We have over 300 new, pre-owned, and restored pianos in stock, representing the best major piano manufacturers in the world.

Number One
Kawai Dealer

Since 1924 Avery Piano has remained the Kawai’s most awarded dealer for families, schools, musicians and performance venues spanning nation-wide. Avery has the largest selection of Kawai pianos in stock and ready for immediate delivery. We have the best reputation in the area in Kawai sales and servicing throughout New England.


of Happy Customers

Avery Piano has been around for nearly 100 years – and that equates to hundreds of thousands of happy customers! Our secret, we are selling the sound of music and how can that not make anyone happy. Avery Piano is committed to giving customers what they want – a beautiful sounding piano that works with anyone’s budget and performs to their highest expectation. And who wouldn’t want beautiful music to be played in their home or apartment?

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