Pre-Owned Pianos

Hallet & Davis GD148 5'1"

Manufactured 2014


Baby Grand

Factory-installed QRS player piano 

Wireless player piano system 

Local delivery included. 

5-year warranty 

Library of hundreds of songs included

Matching bench 

Compare new @ $17,000.00 

Serial Number: 2027577R

Kawai 506 N

Manufactured 2018


Finish: Mahagony Satin
Year: 2018
Height 44.5”
Width 59”
Depth: 24”
Matching bench
Warranty: 5 years factory
Local Delivery first floor.
Barely used and better than new.
New cost MSRP: $5995.00

The Kawai 506 was designed to meet the needs of those who require high quality and durability in an instrument without a premium price tag.  Many of our customers choose the 506 for value and performance.

Serial # 124322

Kawai GE1

Manufactured 1997

Inquire with Avery Piano

Finish: Ebony Polish
Manufactured in Japan.

Piano includes 5-year warranty. Free in-home tuning. Free local delivery within 30 miles. Full trade up. Adjustable bench or a matching hard finish bench. Financing is available.

Serial # 2243640

Kawai GE1

Manufactured 1988

Inquire with Avery Piano

Finish: Ebony Polish. Matching Bench.
5-year trade-up policy. 5-year warranty. Post-delivery tuning.
Compare new GL10 price @ $15,000. New addition to inventory: price TBA.

Serial # 1754656

Kawai K5

Made 2013


Finish Ebony Polish
Height: 49″
Bench: Adjustable
Action: Carbon Fiber Millennium III
Soft Close Fallboard
Mute Rail 

The 49″ K5 Professional series upright is a popular choice among institutions and pianists who desire a rich, deep tone of a tall upright piano.  

Price includes full preparation, Included is tuning, voicing, and regulation. The case and brass hardware is polished and buffed to perfection.

MSRP: $14,000.00
First-floor local delivery, and post-delivery tuning. 
Warranty:5 year Full 

Serial #2633548

Kawai KG2C

Inquire with Avery Piano

Size 5’10” 

Finish ebony polish
5 year warranty 

Matching bench
Dampchaser system included
Free in home tuning
Free local delivery
Recent trade in

The Kawai KG2 is one of the most widely produced institutional grands of its era. The KG2 is a 5’10″ grand piano that competed directly with the Yamaha C2 piano, and was made completely in Japan.

Serial# 665884

Kawai NS20

Manufactured 1993


49″ upright ebony polish with bench.  Mint condition. Manufactured in 1993.

  • Free local delivery
  • Free 1 in-home tuning after delivery
  • 100% trade-up guarantee.

Compare new 49″ Kawai k400 @ over $12,000.00
Serial #2092590

Kawai XO5

Manufactured 2000



Comes with a matching bench and free local delivery. New k400 cost over $12,000.

Knabe Baby Grand Piano

Manufactured 1935


Model:5’3″ Louis French Provincial 
Completely Restored with Hand Carved legs, music rack, and lyre. 
Finish: Walnut 
Year manufactured:1935
5-year warranty 
Matching bench 
Free Post delivery service and tuning.

Serial# 112119

Kohler & Campbell KMV 47

Manufactured 2003


Manufacturer: Kohler & Campbell (Samick)
Model: KMV47
Finish: Mahogany Satin 
Compare new @$14,419.00

Professional practice mute.
Full trade up.
Matching artist bench 

Serial#: KJMD00758

Schulze Pollman Model 126

Made 2001 in Italy


 Italian Wood Marquetry – Artistic combinations of wood creating the look of a peacock, or a sun burst hand created by Italian artisans. Because this process needs to be done by on artisan every piano is unique with no two being exactly the same because of the variance in wood. One reason for the Schulze Pollmann tag line, “as close to one of a kind as you can get”.Italian Marquetry

Extreme Value – For substantially less cost than similar hand crafted pianos from Germany, Schulze Pollman offers a high quality European made piano and with high style.

Warm Round Singing Tone – Schulze Pollmann pianos posses a unique warm singing tone ideal for the full range of classical repertoire.

Renner Actions – All masterpiece series pianos feature German Renner actions. Standard in many of the world’s finest pianos.

Ciresa Soundboards – Most Schulze Pollmann pianos feature red spruce soundboards and ribs from the Val Di Fiemme where Stradivarius chose the wood for his famous violins.

Serial # SCE 658

Steinway & Sons B

Rebuilt 15 years ago


New Steinway action, hammers, and dampers.
Ebony Satin Finish. 
Artist bench
5-year warranty
Local first-floor delivery.

Serial # 191554

Steinway & Sons B


Rebuilt at Steinway New York.  Tiger mahogany.

Serial #112102

Steinway & Sons B

Manufactured 1951

Call for price

Finish ebony satin.

Beginning stages of a complete restoration. Call for a completion date, and pricing. All work done on location  

Pin block replaced. Action replaced. Key bushings replaced. Harp refinished.  Pins replaced. Strings replaced. Dampers replaced. Action felts replaced. Lyre rebuilt. Hardware restored. Soundboard refinished. Bridges refurbished. Case refinished. 

Serial # 336345

Steinway & Sons Mid Century F

Manufactured 1976


Finish Walnut
Made in Queens, New York
Matching Bench 
5-year warranty 
local first-floor delivery 

Serial # 464562R 

Steinway & Sons L

Manufactured 1980

Inquire with Avery Piano

Size: 5’10 1/2″ 
Finish: ebony satin
One owner piano purchased new from Avery .

The Model L is only 3 1/2″ longer than model M, but the scale design and the tone are far superior. These instruments are suitable for the more advanced player, larger living room, and many school and teaching situations.

This instrument will undergo a series of refinements to make sure it is performing and playing to a high standard. 

Steinway & Sons O

Manufactured 1905

Inquire with Avery Piano

Restoration in 2001
Finish: Flame Mahogany
Size 5’10”
Compare new @ $103,000
Serial # 111716


Steinway & Sons S


Serial #508880

Steinway & Sons Upright 1098


Serial #402710

Yamaha C3

Inquire with Avery Piano

Finish: Ebony Polish
5-year Warranty 
Matching Bench
1 free in-home tuning. 
Free local delivery 

Serial # B4840081

Yamaha G3

Manufactured 1981 in Japan


Ebony polish finish. Serial#E3120129

Yamaha GA1

Manufactured 2005

Inquire with Avery Piano

Finish: ebony polish
Comes with:
Matching Bench 
Fully prepared before delivery 
Free in-home tuning 
10 warranty 
Free local delivery within 30 miles 

Serial #: J2005279


Yamaha GC1

Manufactured 2004

Inquire with Avery Piano

Model: GC1
Damp-chaser included. 
Size 5’3′ 
Finish: Ebony Polish
New price over $23,000 
Free local delivery within 25 miles. 
Descendant of the C1

All of the pianos we sell receive the following preparation before delivery. All case parts are removed, followed by interior and exterior cleaning. Painted surfaces are buffed, compounded, and polished—cleaning of the soundboard, plate, and action. Hammers are shaped and voiced if needed. Action regulation, including key dip, and leveling. Replace key felts; buff and polish all brass hardware, multiple tunings to a440. 

This is a fantastic Yamaha piano made in 2004! The GC1 is still one of the most popular Yamaha baby grands sold today.  These pianos are made fully in Japan and as such reflect the high level of craftsmanship we have come to expect from Yamaha. Visit our showroom today to play this amazing piano! We have the largest selection of used Kawai and Yamaha Pianos in New England. 

Serial #: 6041355

Yamaha GH1

Manufactured 1996


Ebony Satin
Matching bench 
5-year warranty
Free local delivery 
In home tuning

All of our used pianos receive a thorough cleaning, polishing, and preparation before delivery. Keys are leveled, action is regulated and hammers are voiced accordingly. All the brass is polished and buffed along with interior cleaning. The case is rubbed, and or buffed to remove any and all imperfections. Lastly, multiple tuning are performed before delivery can take place.

Serial #B5489591

Yamaha GP1 5’3” Baby Grand

Made 1999


Ebony polish finish.


Yamaha P22

Manufactured 1989


Finish Oak Satin
Size 45″

The P22 was designed for passionate players to enjoy the rich, resonant voice, responsive touch and exceptional tone Yamaha is known for. The durable P22 is ideal for everyday use and has been the clear choice for schools, studios, religious institutions and even the home.

5-year warranty 
Full trade up 
Free local delivery 
Free post-delivery tuning 
Matching bench included. 

New Msrp: $9500
Serial#: T124229  

Yamaha U1


Size: 48″
Finish:Ebony Satin
Recent arrival

Serial #D1974439

Yamaha U1


Model: U1
Finish: Ebony Satin
Matching Yamaha bench
MSRP new: $12,000

Piano comes with 5 year warranty free local delivery matching bench, post delivery tuning and service.

Serial # J3041134

Yamaha U1

Manufactured 2001

Inquire with Avery Piano

Made for and sold in the USA  no grey market U1

Finish: ebony satin
Size 48″ upright
Soft close fallboard
Damp chaser system included.
Matching bench.
5-year warranty.
Free in-home tuning. 
recent arrival 

Serial #: 5962252

Yamaha U1

Made in Japan


Finish ebony satin
Height 48″
Weight est.502 pounds
Dimensions. 24″x60″x48″
Style: professional series studio upright

Yamaha U series uprights set a standard for all other manufacturers in terms of sales and notoriety. The Yamaha U1 series upright piano has been adorned by churches, schools, teachers, technicians, and homeowners. 

Serial # 1271786

Yamaha U2


Serial # 3891646

Yamaha U3


Serial #3453070

Yamaha U30A

Manufactured 1992


Finish ebony polish
Matching bench 
Local first floor delivery 
5 year warranty 
Post delivery tuning and service included
Full trade up 100%
Height 52” upright 
Width 60.25”
Depth 25.2”

The Yamaha U30A is very similar to U3 with the exceptions favoring the U30a. The U30A has nickel plated pins, which are a higher quality turning pin. The case has some subtle differences with the U30A having a slight design improvement. 

The 52” Yamaha U series pianos are professional series uprights suitable for the church, school, and or home. 

We carry a large selection of used Yamaha U series uprights at all times.

Serial #5129852

Yamaha Disklavier DGB1

Made 2013

Inquire with Avery Piano

Baby grand player piano in ebony polish.

Serial # J-3049440

Young Chang YP52 Upright


 $ 6,000.00

The Young Chang YP52 is a 52″ professional series upright with a hand-crafted case.

The entire line is completely re-designed by award winning designer Del Fandrich. These pianos are noted to have exceptional tonal quality and evenness of touch and sound throughout the entire range of the keyboard. Part of the new design is the unique floating soundboard and directly coupled bass bridge which allows for a much better bass response than most pianos at an even larger size.

Frames cast through the V-Process construction method. According to acoustic theory, piano frames must bear up to 20 tons of string tension. The frame, which also plays a crucial role in the alignment of strings. is produced through the ‘V’ Process. an electrical vacuum-casting method. in the Young Chang foundry.

Serial # Y02599869R

Classic Hammond Organ 


Model A100
Condition excellent
Premium built internal speaker system w Leslie hookup.
2 manuals , upper and lower with reverb and optional rhythm.
25 note bass pedal board
Organ bench.
Meticulously maintained with records of service.
Perfect organ for Private and or church with plenty of volume. 

Much more affordable than a b3 @ half the cost.


The A100 is the same organ as the C3 and B3 but with on board amplifiers and speakers – to quote from Captain Foldback:

“The best B-3’s are A-100’s” – now what does this statement mean? It points to the fact that a Hammond A-100 organ is in fact the exact same organ as the legendary B-3, and then some. As many may know, the A-100 is the home version of the B-3/C-3 organs. The cabinets of the A-100 models were all, with one exception, tailored for home use: No locking top, built-in speakers and reverb, and a wider selection of wood finishes and stylings. Today, the A-100 series organs have become increasingly sought after because they are generally well kept and less played than B/C-3 organs previously owned by churches or professional musicians. Also, the slimmer profile of the A-100 cabinet (especially the ‘plain Jane’ A-100 model) is preferred over the B-style cabinet for taking on the road.”


Some Facts

97+ Years

Since 1924, Avery Piano Company has been selling and servicing pianos in the Southern New England area. With an unmatched commitment to quality and customer service, Avery Piano Company has been an integral part of the musical community, from the professional concert pianist to the novice. We have over 300 new, pre-owned, and restored pianos in stock, representing the best major piano manufacturers in the world.

Number One
Kawai Dealer

Since 1924 Avery Piano has remained the Kawai’s most awarded dealer for families, schools, musicians and performance venues spanning nation-wide. Avery has the largest selection of Kawai pianos in stock and ready for immediate delivery. We have the best reputation in the area in Kawai sales and servicing throughout New England.


of Happy Customers

Avery Piano has been around for nearly 100 years – and that equates to hundreds of thousands of happy customers! Our secret, we are selling the sound of music and how can that not make anyone happy. Avery Piano is committed to giving customers what they want – a beautiful sounding piano that works with anyone’s budget and performs to their highest expectation. And who wouldn’t want beautiful music to be played in their home or apartment?

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