Pre-Owned Pianos

Inspected and tuned by our technicians.

Yamaha C3 Ebony - Polish

Made 1989


This wonderful Yamaha C3 includes a new pin block, and all-new tuning pins and strings. It still has decades of useful life ahead of it. The Yamaha C3 model is one of our most requested Yamaha models and has been purchased by a multitude of concert pianists, teachers, students, and ordinary people.

Many artists gravitate towards Yamaha because of the refinement of the action and reliable consistency of performance. Yamaha’s manufacturing is so precise that there is more consistency from piano to the piano than in many other brands and high-quality models such as this tend to hold up well over time if well maintained.

Yamaha pianos are well-known for fine Japanese engineering and craftsmanship producing a capable piano, often with a lovely brighter tone and excellent touch.

Spend just 10 minutes playing this piano and you’ll never look at new pianos the same again.

Yamaha U3X


Yamaha U3X in black polyester – Built in the Yamaha Hamamatsu Factory in Japan, our UX3 Pianos are reconditioned to the highest standard. comes with 5 year warranty.

An expansive soundboard and acoustic chamber give the U3x extended power and projection, with the peerless tonal and expressive control of the legendary Yamaha action.

Features of the UX3 (Highlighted features are improved from U3)

  • X Bracing gives  more strength and stability
  • Vented front panels
  • Curved soundboard for longer bass strings
  • Higher grade wood and felt
  • Advanced Scale Design
  • Redesigned Hammers
  • Soft-Close Fallboard

Free local first floor delivery and tuning. Matching bench included.

Yamaha U1

Made 1981 in Japan


Ebony polish finish. Designed for the experienced pianist and professional musician. The Yamaha U1 is a perennial favorite among discerning pianists. The U1 offers outstanding musical performance, setting the standards by which many other upright pianos are measured. 

Piano comes with 5 year warranty free local delivery matching bench, post delivery tuning and service.

Yamaha U3


Yamaha U Series upright pianos have long been a leading choice for educational institutions, professional musicians and discriminating home pianists. Now, thanks to comprehensive redesign, these world-standard instruments are better than ever, with numerous advances in materials and construction. Refined scale designs and components improve tonal performance, while other modifications enhance strength and durability. Extra-wide music desks provide plenty of room for sheet music. And the top-of-the-line sets extraordinary standards of elegance and excellence, incorporating concepts adapted from Yamaha grand pianos.

Kawai GM10

Made 2004

For many years, the Kawai GM-10 was one of the most popular baby grand pianos in the world. In 2015, it was replaced by the GL-10 that has continued its proud legacy as one of the world’s best-selling 5’0″ grand pianos

Damp-chaser humidity control. 

Serial #2496917

Young Chang

Made 1987


This ivory Young Chang is in impressive condition with a sophisticated polished ivory finish. Brilliant sound coupled with a firm action makes this an excellent piano for a multitude of situations. 

Serial #G027775R

Steinway & Sons B

Rebuilt 2007


This piano was rebuilt approximately 15 years ago by Kirk. Mahogany finish

Serial # 161808

Steinway & Sons B


Rebuilt at Steinway New York.  Tiger mahogany.

Serial #112102

Steinway & Sons 7’ Grand

Made 1877


Lovely Steinway 7′ Grand Piano! This Steinway grand piano possesses an incredibly full tone and rich sound, while still fitting well in smaller to smaller-sized spaces. Rebuilt 10 years ago.

Steinway & Sons is one of the world’s most-famous piano manufacturers, specializing in high-quality hand-crafted instruments, sure to please the most discerning of musicians.

Serial # 32794

Hallet & Davis H152

Made 2005


Beautiful Hallet Davis H-152 5’0 Baby Grand. Piano. This piano features a lovely polished ebony finish and spade-style legs. The baby grand size is the most popular size of grand piano among homeowners for its compact size and rich sound. This piano is sure to look amazing in your space!

Serial # DG20249

Young Chang YP52 Upright


 $ 6,000.00

The Young Chang YP52 is a 52″ professional series upright with a hand-crafted case.

The entire line is completely re-designed by award winning designer Del Fandrich. These pianos are noted to have exceptional tonal quality and evenness of touch and sound throughout the entire range of the keyboard. Part of the new design is the unique floating soundboard and directly coupled bass bridge which allows for a much better bass response than most pianos at an even larger size.

Frames cast through the V-Process construction method. According to acoustic theory, piano frames must bear up to 20 tons of string tension. The frame, which also plays a crucial role in the alignment of strings. is produced through the ‘V’ Process. an electrical vacuum-casting method. in the Young Chang foundry.

Serial # Y02599869R

Yamaha Disklavier DGB1

Made 2013

Baby grand player piano in ebony polish.

Serial # J-3049440

Schulze Pollman Model 126

Made 1991 in Italy

 Italian Wood Marquetry – Artistic combinations of wood creating the look of a peacock, or a sun burst hand created by Italian artisans. Because this process needs to be done by on artisan every piano is unique with no two being exactly the same because of the variance in wood. One reason for the Schulze Pollmann tag line, “as close to one of a kind as you can get”.Italian Marquetry

Extreme Value – For substantially less cost than similar hand crafted pianos from Germany, Schulze Pollman offers a high quality European made piano and with high style.

Warm Round Singing Tone – Schulze Pollmann pianos posses a unique warm singing tone ideal for the full range of classical repertoire.

Renner Actions – All masterpiece series pianos feature German Renner actions. Standard in many of the world’s finest pianos.

Ciresa Soundboards – Most Schulze Pollmann pianos feature red spruce soundboards and ribs from the Val Di Fiemme where Stradivarius chose the wood for his famous violins.

Serial # SCE 658

Hallet & Davis Baby Grand


Mahogany Baby grand player piano.

Serial #36845

Steinway Upright 1098


Serial #402710

Yamaha U2


Serial # 3891646

Yamaha U3


Serial #3453070

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